Make Database Management Easier

A user-friendly, entirely open-source platform for SQL database administration and query performance testing.

Authenticating database credentials

Seamlessly manage your AWS and local deployments together

Authenticate your cloud instances using your RDS credentials and hostname, and monitor them alongside your local databases with ease.

Monitoring databases

Optimize your queries for the best performance

Unearth bottlenecks and fine-tune your queries for efficiency and speed. Elevate your database management strategy by making informed decisions based on comprehensive insights from real-time performance analysis.

Optimizing queries

Easily visualize and modify with Entity Relationship Diagrams

View complex foreign relationships with ease, and perform CRUD operations with a button click instead of writing out queries.

Modifying databases

Dive into our docs for even more possibilities.

Theres so much more to unearth in SeeQR, head over to our docs for an indepth look at how you can transform the way you interact with your databases.

View databases in 3D